The End of the Road for Paid DB/C

It's been a good run for almost 40 years, but the end is near. DB/C DX, DB/C FS and associated utilities will no longer be available for sale or support after December 31st, 2023. The Online Sales and Update System will be removed from this web site, but the rest of this web site will still exist for historical reference. The link to the new place to download DB/C software is

The open source DB/C software is interchangeable with the existing paid DB/C software, so the transition should be easy. Contact us at if you have questions about how to transition to community support and free software.

  As of November 11, 2023

New Online Sales System and Other Changes

The old Online Sales and Update System has been put out to pasture. It has been replaced with a brand new system, which will likely need some TLC for a while to deal with problems which will inevitably crop up. If you have problems, contact us as at

A reason for replacing the Online Sales and Update System is because of changed aspects of purchasing DB/C software and support. The new system implements a significant policy change for support: support and maintenance subscriptions will be synchronized for all licenses to end at the end of a calendar year. A secondary reason is to implement minor price changes for renewal of support subscriptions so that those prices are a multiple of 12, which causes partial year pricing to result in even dollar amounts. Pricing for all purchases is reduced accordingly to reflect the shorter periods for support. Also note that there is no longer a penalty for renewing lapsed subscriptions.

  As of January 8, 2023

Open Source (yes FREE) DB/C Software

DB/C DX, DB/C FS and associated utilities are now available as open source (free) software. The commercially supported versions of the DB/C software will continue to be available from this web site. The Open Source DB/C Software web site is

  As of January 4, 2023

Current Releases

     DB/C DX 18.0.3
     DB/C FS 6.0.2

  As of December 10, 2022

Price Reductions

All DB/C DX and DB/C FS prices have been significantly reduced, effective immediately. See the price tables on each of the product pages for details.

  Posted December 2, 2021

New Website

As you may have noticed, things look a bit different here.  After more than 20 years of using the same HTML and CSS, this web site has been updated to newer browser standards.  However, the functionality remains the same.  If anything looks or acts wrong, let us know.

  Posted November 15, 2021